About me

Who am I?

Hello you, my name is Elena – a 28-year-old travel addict. I was born in Bulgaria, in a small town in the south west part of the country- Razlog. I started school and moved to Blagoevgrad (about 40 mins drive from Razlog) when I was 13. And this is when my love for adventures woke up. At age of 14, I went to a trip around Europe: I have been blessed to live in a continent where a couple of hours drive literary take you to a completely different country, show you an entire new culture, give you the chance to meet diverse personalities. We traveled by bus to Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy. What a magnificent experience it was. I was so impressed by everything I was witnessing that I did not sleep in the bus- what if I miss that one view worth seeing? Today, 14 years later, I have visited more than 50 countries in 4 continents (Latin America is first on my list).  

How and why do I travel

I did my degree in London and the years I spent there facilitated my travel agenda- low cost airlines fly everywhere from the UK. I majored in Foreign Languages, thus I was given the chance to spend a semester in Paris and Tubingen- is there a better opportunity to explore the two biggest countries in Europe?

Unsure of what I wanted to study for my masters, I took a gap year. What an year that was! I volunteered in South Africa, did an internship in Sicily, worked in a property management company back home. I am beyond thankful to my parents who have always supported me and never said “no” to my sometimes crazy travel aspirations. 

I am currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria, working in Finance. I should admit- I have been lucky enough to get to travel for work as well. My job sent me to Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas, Munich, Brighton and many others. Because of my passion for discovering new places, I always manage to steal some time to be a tourist, even when I wear my suit.

Most of my travels are, however, for leisure. I have been blessed with many international friends, always ready to open the door of their homes for me. I do believe the best way to get to know a place is by natives. As you will read in my New York blog, for example, no one knows a place better than someone who can take you to the “not so touristy” sites. 

I often travel with my Bulgarian friends- thank you all for sharing those experiences with me. Getting lost in a new place and sharing the beauty, fascination and even frustration with a good friend (or a number of them) – this is what I call priceless. And if you think “To find some beautiful place to get lost” is always fun- check my Cuba blog to find out that driving through the jungle with an empty tank could be a bit irritating.  

Why did I start?

I love travelling. It is my biggest source of inspiration; my escape; my way to loose and find myself. I always come back energized and full of ideas and never stop planning my next trip. And this is why I decided to start my blog: I believe that all impressions, pictures, emotions I go through whilst abroad could be interesting for those of you having the same interests as me.